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The most powerful products for customers are the ones people already love to use.

Our sales representatives are not only more helpful and productive, but they also excel at finding innovative solutions, working together towards a common goal. They have the freedom to work in a manner that aligns with their values of patience, honesty, and sincerity, which in turn enables them to excel in their roles.


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Shop online with us and get quick, safe, free, fast delivery. If you need help finding the right products, explore at our Online Shop placing an order or explore your best options, contact our team at +6585155999 for more information.



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The best apply at every level.

At the heart of everything we do and everything we make. This implies taking into account not only the end users of a product but also those who contribute to its creation. As a result, we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to safeguard both the individuals involved in our supply chain and the Earth we all share. Our Supplier Code of Conduct serves to uphold this commitment. From the procurement of materials to the recycling of products, we collaborate with our suppliers to guarantee that our standards are consistently met and maintained at the highest possible level of quality.





Consult our professional sales representative.

A community for all things and beyond! Connect with like-minded peers, ask questions, find answers and share your knowledge with fellow staffs that work helpfully & patiently.

If you are new here, jump straight to our members.


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Efficiency of production of goods and services.

We provide an extensive array of mobile phone accessories and products related to smartphones and high-end gadgets. We offer exceptional service to customers seeking information on basic smartphones or advanced devices, providing education and assistance for the latest firmware and feature issues. Our repair services cater to various smartphone brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Oppo, and more.

Hello Station is an exclusive retailer for HUAWEI and OPPO. Additionally, we are a Telco Partner retailer for SIMBA, HEYA, CMLINK, and M1 Maxx. Our commitment to providing the best customer experience drives us to invest several weeks in training our staff, ensuring they excel and exceed expectations in their roles. We select the best candidates for all positions and maintain a well-staffed store around the clock to meet any customer needs.


Experience the top mobile phone service solutions in Singapore with Hello Station.


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