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GB Gebei Leather Flip Pouch.
Designed for minimalists, the sumptuous curves & clean lines provide a sleek & slim profile - no bulky feel in your pocket.


1. 4 Pockets
2. Cash Slot
3. Handstrap (Optional)
4. Authentic Leather (Buffalo Skin)


This Wallet Pouch is a best-seller for many reasons: Wireless Charging Friendly, Snug Fix, Cards Holder, Closed Flip Call & NFC direct tap (EZ-Link & MRT Card). Coming with a magnet strap as closure for added security and it is made in the finest leather, available in  4 colours range of leathers. 


Additional Info:
You can use this flip pouch like a wallet, this is a genius design for you to put everything in it. It can also a lasting protection case, make in a full coverage and purely authentic leather.


Package includes:
1 x Pouch.

GB Gebei Leather Flip Pouch

SKU: 1406
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