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KFL 10000mah powerbank P10 with auto-off function (guaranteed certified)
KFL P10 power bank will safe your life battery, Thank it powerful external battery. 
1. Li-Polymer Battery
2. Rechargeable
3. Full Protection
4. Overload Protection
5. Current Protection
6. Overcharge Protection
7. Battery Certify
8. Digital LED Indication
9. 2 USB Port 
10. USB-C input (Fast Charge)
11. 3.0m Output (Fast Charge)
12. Up to 10000Mah

> These are the most lasting power bank ever, they’re powerful in terms of battery life and safety, No 1 Choice.
Package includes:
1 x Power Bank.
1 x USB Cable.
1 x User Manual. 

KFL Powerbank 10000mah P10

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