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SpaceStone Screen Protector for Samsung models.
Super Protective Gorilla Firm, 100% safeguard your display with our official screen protector.
Available for all Samsung Curved screen models only.
1. Standard Fit.
2. Firm Type
3. Anti-Shock
4. Dedicated Touch
5. Scratch Resistant
6. Anti-Dust
7. Bubble Free
8. Ultra Clear
9. Lens Protection
10. Curved Design

> The most lasing screen protectors ever, they’re tougher in terms of scratch and drop protection, and these days they are pretty inexpensive
Package includes:
1 x Gorilla Firm.
1 x Sticker (Dust Remover).
1 x Wet Tissue.
1 x Dry Tissue.

Samsung Gorilla Firm Screen Protector

SKU: 1224samsung
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