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XC Soft Fabric Case with Sling, Perfect Sling Case for your mobile phone.
Easy maintenance from Soft Fabric wipe: easily and effectively cleaning your mobile phone.
Abrasion resistance from Soft Fabric material: prevents your mobile phone from getting scratched.
Size: 7inch or below.

1.    Standard Fit.
2.    Fabric Material
3.    Sling attaches
4.    Scratch Resistant
5.    Handy


Suit for 7inch & below.
> The Soft Fabric material is ideal for looking after Mobille phone and other glasses products with lenses (Screen, over-glasses, camera lenses, etc.). The cloth is used for cleaning fingermarks, dust, etc. without scratching the lens.


Package includes:
1 x Soft Case.

XC Soft Fabric Case with Sling

SKU: xc8.90
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    Why had your order been cancelled? 
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